Bold Stripes Media – Websites, SEO, and Logo Design

Have your custom website or web application designed and built to meet your needs.

You have an idea of what you want to achieve with your online real-estate, and we will help you engineer that framework.

Your online reach begins with the space that you occupy on the internet – Your website. Build your web-based foundation on solid ground with Bold Stripes Media and gain the confidence that when you are ready to scale your online presence or strategize to reach a greater audience, your website and infrastructure can fully accommodate the magnitude of your vision.

Website Design & Build Proccess

With our collective ideas, considering your business identity and goals, we will build or redesign your website and web presence to appeal to and create an exponential impression on your audience and visitors. Our process is simple and clear to make it easy for you! Schedule a call today and talk to an expert about your vision and possibilities.

Step by step website process. Discovery, design, content, revisions, optimize, and launch

Building websites and web applications using the most up-to-date design and build practices

Your Logo Designed Around Your Brand

We do logos a little bit differently. Your logo represents you and your business on that first look, we help you make sure that it is true to your originality and quality. Before we get to designing your logo, we help you define what important elements of your brand your logo represents. Think of this process as a crash course in Brand Strategy.

Logo Design Process. Core, story, target audience, voice, standards, and delivery