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SEO: Get more Customers

Small businesses must compete with well-funded and big businesses in today’s marketplace.  In order to compete, small businesses need to adopt the same tools and strategies used by big businesses. Tools such as search engine optimization (SEO) traditionally carries high price tag. Fortunately, an SEO package from Bold Stripes Media provides your business a path to get more customers.
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Maximizing Your Website Visibility

Building your website for search engine visibility is crucial for online success. We improve critical elements on your website, such as words, pictures, and links. We want to make your website more visible and improve its search ranking. We improve visibility by carefully creating these elements. When people search for something related to your business, we want them to find you easily.  At Bold  how your website appears in searches and establishes your online presence




Technical SEO means improving a website’s technical parts to make it more visible and better in search engines. The goal is for search engines to be able to look at a website and understand what it’s about easily. This kind of SEO makes sure that search engines can get through the website and organize the content in a way that makes sense.

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The titles on your pages are like the headlines of a book. They tell people and search engines what your page is about. The words on your pages, or the content, are like the story of your business. We help you tell your story to engage visitors and attract the attention of search engines. 


Links are like paths between different pages on your website. We ensure these paths are well-organized and lead your visitors to the right places. This helps search engines understand your website better and improves the user experience. We build a strong online presence by focusing on the basics. The goal is to attract more website visitors and keep them engaged.

Targeted Content: Attract Your Ideal Customer

Success online begins with keyword selection and customer intent. Our team dives deep into keyword research and analysis. We explore industry trends, user behavior, and competition analysis. We analyze the words people use when they search online for businesses like yours. The right words unlock better visibility and higher rankings on search engines.Imagine someone looking for a product or service you offer. We want your website to appear at the top of their search results. We carefully target the most impactful keywords for your business. The result is content that has the potential to bring more visitors to your site.Integrating these keywords into your content and source code is a powerful strategy. Targeted content is about using keywords in a way that feels natural and valuable to your audience. This approach elevates your search engine rankings. It’s like speaking their language and guiding them to what they’re looking for.
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Local SEO: Acquire Customers In Your Area

Connecting with your local audience requires a targeted approach. Local SEO gives you that targeted path to reach local customers. We understand that local businesses want to be seen by local customers. Our local SEO strategies ensure your business pops up prominently in local searches, making it a go-to choice for those in your community.Local search algorithms are like maps that help people find businesses near them. We know how these maps work, and we make sure your business is well-marked. This makes your business more visible to local customers who are actively looking for your help. We want your business to be right there at the top of their search results.By optimizing for local searches, we make sure your business stands out within your community. This not only attracts local customers but also positions your business as a trusted choice in your community.
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More Customers Through SEO

Examining a website to understand how it performs currently, identifying opportunities to improve effectiveness and performance

Understanding what your needs for a website, like features, design, your story, and attracting your ideal customer

Analyzing various phrases your customers use when searching on the web

Creating compelling content that will attract search engines and ideal customers

Making sure the website works well, loads fast, and is easy for search engines to understand

Sharing the website with search engines to ensure it gets listed in search results

Getting other websites to link to your website, improving its credibility and visibility

We provide you regular updates on website performance, traffic, and rankings

SEO Process

Reports: Stay Informed On What Is Working

Our experts provide monthly reports to evaluate performance, make informed decisions, and track progress toward your goals. Reporting is also important to track progression in traffic and measure your ROI. Our goal is to increase the quantity and quality of your website traffic, working hand in hand with you so that you are clear on what you are investing in.

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