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Our "About Us" is truly all About You.

When we become partners, Bold Stripes is invested in the success of your business. We understand that you have the tools, talent, and drive to grow your business. We simply offer a steadfast platform, direction, guidance, and proven strategies to rocket your business's online marketing efforts into the sky.

How we serve YOU and your business

With a focus on small and growing businesses, we develop websites, and search engine optimization strategies that transform your online presence into a revenue-generating asset. Using SEO for your small business can drive targeted traffic, improve your online visibility, enhance user experience, establish credibility, and give you the competitive edge. It’s a long-term investment that can yield sustainable results grow the success of your business.

Website Design and Development


With a focus on small and developing businesses


Highlight your work or your services.


Have a robust platform for your affiliate program

Landing Pages

Focus pages for busines, offereings, or content

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Focus

Mobile continues to become more important

Content Creation

We'll create it, or take a cooperative approach

On Page

A structured and keyword focus to get noticed


Utilizing metadata and other back-end components

The Mission

Equip and guide small and developing businesses in multiplying their reach by leveraging online strategies and tools that increase their business and help them improve their local communities and economies

Our Purpose

Use the power of website development and SEO to help rebuild and establish the freedom and independence of private business ownership and entrepreneurship

Be Bold
PuRsue Freedom
Create Solutions
Create Value


As a couple of brothers working in the software industry together for nearly a decade, the time came to make our collective dream of building a business. Following the economic shutdowns, it became clear that web development and digital marketing for small and developing businesses were the services that we had the background, passion, and need for in our communities. It is our local communities that we have the heart to serve.

Ivan and Rocco Petramala

Is Bold for you?

We focus on small and growing businesses because small and developing businesses are the builders of our communities and local economies. Having a focus on building our local communities is how we build up our great national economy, and ensure a better future for our loved ones, our fellow Americans, and ourselves. We keep it old-school in that we like to do business with a handshake. Contracts do not ensure your happiness with our services. Results and relationships do. We love our country and understand that new, developing, and small business is how more Americans can achieve their own great American Dream. Assisting you in your pursuit of freedom is also our pursuit of freedom.